Unrelated Media

Welcome to a short portfolio of my films / productions.

Not all videos are hosted on the main channel and therefor we use third party hosts.


Ein Kurzfilm das die Thematik des Alleinseins und Eingeschlossenheit während der Corona – Epedimie aufzeigt.

In diesem Film wird vor allem mit der Inkorporation eines “live chats” versucht das echte Leben sowie das online Leben des Protagonisten ineinander verschmelzen zu lessen. So ist es dem Zuschauer immer möglich zu sehen welche Interaktionen der Protagonist online hat. Gleichzeitig sehen wir ihn in seinem tristen Leben.

Der “live chat” wurde in post mit einer Kombination von Photoshop, Time Remaping und After Effects realisiert.

Dies ist eine Vorschau und noch nicht das finale Produkt

FHM on Air

With FHM on Air we create a one hour long radio program. In partnership with radio bielefeld we tackled the subject of “Körpergefühle”. There really isn’t a easy translation, the closest is “body sensations”. From the sensation when you walk into a abandoned house, can’t fall asleep since one thought is always bugging you or your dreams where shattered by a tragic accident. We interviewed different people from all walks of life: From pro athletes to pedestrians who want to fill up their prescription. Enjoy!









Ronin Tutorial

As a proof of concept we created a DJI Ronin SC Tutorial.

Using three Lumix GH5 cameras in a light controlled studio. Our actor wore a black t-shirt on a black background to not move away too much focus from the actual product. The wooden table was able to provide a bit of contrast without taking away too much attention.

The main camera gave a static, overall view of the product and the setup. The second camera was also static but with a higher focal length. This gives us the opportunity to get closer to the action. The third camera

While possible to use one camera and complete the process three times, this is very prone to continuity errors.