German Politicians as Zootopia Characters

What body features are most prominent in a pre-trained deep learning network? To give a simple visual overview we wanted to have a similar group of candidates, but still variety in height, sex, style etc. In our case: German Politicians (now) + Merkel.

The promt:

(Name) german politician, anthro, very cute kid’s film character, disney pixar zootopia character concept artwork, 3d concept, detailed fur, high detail iconic character for upcoming film, trending on artstation, character design, 3d artistic render, highly detailed, octane, blender, cartoon, shadows, lighting, inside out pixar film, pixar artstyle, cute,

This promt was then fed through a custom pertained deep learning model in combination with a scheduler, auto encoder and text encoder. If interested in the complete code, please do not hesitate to ask for more information through our contact form.

The Results:


  • The sex is correctly displayed 11/12 of the time.
  • Olaf Scholz was confused with Olaf from the movie frozen
  • The public knowledge greatly impacts the recognizability of the final character
    • Angela Merkel was chancellor for 16 years, the facial features are almost perfect
    • Susanne Hennig-Wellsow has the wrong sex, no glasses and is displayed in 2 different body styles.
  • Are German Politicians cute Zootopia Characters: Yes. Would Zootopia 3: Germany 2022 make a good final instalment of the saga? Probably not, too much dialogue and no action.